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We are ‘pros’ that utilize The Prose methodology in our seminars and courses.

Prose is a way of using language in a straightforward and clear manner in order to deliver rapid results to clients in the most efficient, effective and economical way possible to assist in their personal and professional lives. Just like the name implies, we use a simple, straightforward approach to language that works for you and has likely been working against you outside of your awareness.

The Prose was created because we desired to get to the root of what has been happening in multiple areas of people’s lives and made it our mission to create the fastest solutions that would truly create lasting benefits for our clients.

The power of language has been overlooked and underrated for many years. Language has started and ended wars, relationships, businesses, the list goes on. There is no denying this basic truth.

So how do our ‘pros’ work for you?

After decades of research and trying many methods and modalities, we discovered one that is easy-to-apply and easily implemented into daily life. When practiced regularly, you will see fast results. We offer science-backed products and services that show how empowering our language can be when we learn to use it in a way that provides clear focus to complete tasks with ease and achieve goals.

My team and I have done extensive research- collectively equivalent to 45 years. We were disappointed in the marketplace of how many things didn’t meet promises made and didn’t have lasting benefits. We set out to find answers for our benefit and, in turn, you.

As a result of our collective experiences being researchers, health experts and entrepreneurs, we desired to get to the root cause of what was creating so much overwhelm at home and in business. We were seeing patterns. It motivated us to look for answers that are outside of what mainstream education teaches and we have found that, in many cases thus far, this methodology in language has been the most rapid way, we have found, to assist individuals and companies into positive change and growth.

We have well-rounded experiences and discovered simple processes that get to the core issues facing many today.  We realise how busy and overwhelmed people are currently and found something that is simple and powerful when it’s applied regularly.

We cover more science we have found in our research that may intrigue you and offer a variety of options that share how our language, and how we use it, has the potential to impact many areas of our lives and organizations.

Thank you for the pleasure of assisting you and we’re excited to share this powerful program.

We offer our programs online and in-person. Check out our services page for the list of options.


Our Philosophy in Business

We aren’t looking for repeat business. If you are repeating with us, that tells us that our methods did not work for you. This is a permanent fix, not a life-long therapy methodology. We’re looking for referral business because it is our goal and desire to provide you with aggregate tools and education so you have the knowledge on how to resolve issues independently and organizationally. We are always here to assist, and we know that once these methods are innererstood, you’ll know what to do.

The Great Mystery of My Story

A story from the Founder:

Growing up in difficult circumstances from many angles from youth to adult, I developed a deep desire to get to the root cause of why I was suffering and struggling. As I became an adult, I saw this was happening in many other’s lives as well, locally and globally.

I didn’t just want answers, I demanded them. I knew there had to be a reason for it and I set out on a mission to discover what it was and find the most efficient, effective and economical way possible so I could better assist as many others that were also tired of their struggles in their story.

Through many years of research, experience, education and certifications, I refined my vast experiences and knowledge of peak human performance to something that is so very simple and, surprisingly, extremely fast and effective.  I researched multiple aspects of the human condition and narrowed it down to the impact of our language on our minds and bodies as well as how it’s impacting our choices which impacts our lives and relationships.  After learning about the power of our words and realising it holds the keys to unlocking clues in our stories, I didn’t just realise the potentiality of how language played a role in our lives, I quickly felt this is one of the largest, all-encompassing roles in solving the clues to The Great Mystery of our stories, personally and professionally.

I became known in the industry for getting results and have  worked with professional athletes, movie and music industry, Special Forces, corporate leaders and more, with great success and outcomes.  In addition, for answers outside my scope, I consult with experts in the fields of bioengineering, nano/pico tech, sound therapy experts, genetics, CBD, stem cell therapy, biomechanics and many others.

Our passion is to get this knowledge and products to those who have the desire, are ready and willing to make changes in their lives and careers for the better.  Our team has gone through this work as well which has given us more confidence in ourselves and our abilities to best assist our clients as well as come from a place of greater compassion.

This method has created, not only lasting change, it’s created consistent growth and constant improvement in individuals who make a regular practice of applying these methods.

We’re honored to assist in sharing how you have the power to script the life you desire.


In Gratitude,

Yvonne Déesse


Stay motivated and read our monthly blog articles

Stay Motivated, read the monthly blog articles.

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