Can you think without using words?  Silly question, right? 


The Power Of Words And Affirmations

Our thoughts also impact what we manifest in our lives. But it can be argued that the real power lies in our words. It is our words that provide a bold affirmation of our innermost thoughts. They are a confirmation to the world of how we see others, our lives and ourselves. It is this powerful affirmation that our words provide which enables our thoughts to manifest into a reality. So why do we choose to misuse our most powerful asset?


Negations:  Destroyer of Goals

What are negations?  Negations are words such as; but, can’t, won’t, don’t, isn’t, couldn’t, etc. 


As a society, we have become conditioned to talk about our misfortunes and problems. We take our interpretations of events, people and ourselves and communicate them to the world, bringing them into existence.


So by that admission, when we moan or complain about our lives to others, we are putting those negative words out there to become a reality. When you say something out loud enough times your words become the truth not only in your own mind but in the minds of everyone you are saying them too.


If this is really so, then ask yourself – do you really want to tell yourself and everybody that you know that you are unlucky in love, unsuccessful, miserable, bored or whatever else you have been complaining about? Especially now that you know that it is these exact words that are creating the life that you live?


Begin to choose the words that you speak consciously. Practice improved self-awareness over the words that you use to describe yourself and your life. Negative, powerless words such as ‘can’t’, ‘shouldn’t’, ‘need’, ‘won’t’ should all be avoided. They strip you of your ability to manifest a life that you want to live.


As the creator of your universe, what you say goes. Therefore, next time you catch yourself about to use negative words, regain control and frame your word choices so that they have a much more positive impact on your world.


Anything following “I am,” we are creating.  For instance, if you would usually say something such as ‘I am unhealthy and overweight’ then why not turn this into a more positive, constructive statement such as ‘I am in the process of becoming healthier and every day I get closer and closer to my ideal weight’.


There’s something very important we will do a more targeted blog on called the Reticular Activating System (RAS).  Our RAS only carries out what our mind is focused on.  If we say, “I don’t want money problems,” what does your subconscious mind hear?  “Money problems.”  Now imagine complaining to friends or people about your not wanting money problems.  What does that do to their RAS?  It puts the image in our minds and makes it exponentially more potent in creating more “money problems.”  Now apply that to whatever else you’re complaining about in life.


Your words are the setting with which you author your story. Choose your words wisely and positively to create a story that has a happy ending.