How our language could be affecting and effecting our personal and professional lives, currently… 

Last month we covered how powerful our words are with some pretty phenomenal implications tied to how we’re using our language and how it’s impacting our current lives and potentially our future lives and outcomes.  How? 

Today let’s discuss the importance of our thoughts and emotions as well as how it could currently be impacting every choice we’re making, which is making up our reality.  

How powerful and important is our language?  How does it impact our thoughts and emotions?

What is this elusive thing, energy?  What is this thing, energy, that makes up everything and a realisation that seems incomprehensible and intangible. Most may speculate, “Ok, what does knowing everything is made of energy have to do with me and my life?”

Our thoughts, words and emotions are energy, frequency and vibration.  

Our thoughts are the internal language about ourselves, our lives and those around our sphere of influence.  Words are what we’re using to describe our lives and environment both internally through our thoughts and externally through our speech.  In both cases, thoughts and speech are frequencies that carry that information out that we’re focused on like placing an order at a restaurant. 

Have you ever really contemplated what the word “emotion” means?  Let’s break it down.  E= Energy/ Motion= Movement= Energy Movement.  Our emotions can be referred to as “energy in motion.”  

Why is this important and what does it have to do with each of us individually?

Our focus is what we are “paying” attention to and our emotion is the currency being used to “pay.”  How are we FEELING about our lives personally and professionally? 

The mighty power of language and our stories…

What are we “paying” attention to each day?  Are our thoughts (words spoken internally) all over the place and we’re too exhausted to even think of solutions so we distract ourselves not knowing what else to do or where to turn for answers?  

It could very well be that many have tried everything and nothing has truly worked or lasted.  Now many are in a position where they aren’t even sure where to look or what can be trusted to create lasting benefits.  Additionally, we’re faced with unknown outcomes if we make different choices.  

Many are making terrible choices for themselves based on patterns that are learned as children as well as our environment (things we’re told and taught from those around us).  Individuals may continue to make those choices because it’s familiar and/ or unconscious patterns.  They also may continue because they’re not sure where to look for answers that work and, worse, may not even be aware they’re in these unconscious patterns that are impacting every choice and, in turn, every aspect of our lives and outcomes.

What’s something that has been a huge destroyer of bettering lives?   The way we’re taught to  use our language.  Change takes some effort.  Learning what our stories are and changing the way we’re telling them can create simple and rapid change.  Changing requires making different choices that are out of our familiarity zone.  As already touched on, many people’s lives are not at their best because choices are being made out of the familiar past.  Fear of the unknown also keeps many from making necessary choices to better their lives.

What if there were an easy solution that could drastically turn your life around and you wouldn’t have to leave your house, store a product and tools that are super simple to apply?  Would you be open to an experience that can share insights on how our stories (language of our lives) hold the clues/ keys to discovering and unlocking the story of our great mystery? 

What happens if you don’t make a change?  Will your lives improve by mere luck?  What happens if you do?  What if simply seeing the stories, that many are telling unconsciously, and simply making simple edits to the story could change everything?

After what has been discussed thus far, I would like for each person reading this to ask themselves, “What am I focused on throughout the day?”  What am I thinking about those things?” “What am I feeling about those things?”  

According to much research from Dr Joe Dispenza and Dr Bruce Lipton, PhD, our thoughts, words and emotions are creating our lives.  What we’re thinking, saying, feeling and focused on is what’s creating events happening personally and professionally in our current novels.

The stories we’re telling ourselves about the events in our lives are going to affect and effect our minds and bodies.  Our language impacts our perceptions and our perceptions determine our emotions, in other words, how we feel about the way we’re perceiving those events.  

How are we feeling about things in our lives currently? Really contemplate this.  How do YOU feel each day?  What words are you using to describe yourselves and your lives, the people around you?  How does saying those things make you feel?

What we’re thinking, saying, feeling and focused on is what’s causing the choices we’re making.  Why is this important?  Because we’re the sum of our choices, consciously or unconsciously.  How are our perceptions about ourselves and those around us?  Could we be in unconscious patterns that are effecting and affecting our choices and, in turn, every aspect of our lives?

“Until we make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~ Carl Jung

How much could our unconscious stories from our past be influencing us today?

With The Prose, our straightforward approach to language assists in uncovering the hidden clues in your stories (what language is being used about events in our lives) that we bring to your awareness so you can solve the great mystery of your stories.

Our words/ language determines our perceptions, our perceptions determine our emotional state.  Our emotional state is the energy in motion that breathes life into our creation.  What circumstances are we creating based on our thoughts and emotions?

Stay tuned for more ways to spot clues in your great mystery (my-story) in the next blog.  As we learned in this article, our words end up as our emotions, which is our energy in motion.  In our next blog, we’ll discuss how to wield our energy with our focus, aka Reticular Activating System. 

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